BPOA Member Update from the Board

Dear Members:

It has been a little over two weeks since the story about the offensive emails was first released by the Los Angeles Times.  During this time, BPOA President Jay Hawver and Vice President Cameron Mencuri have met with the City Manager (Ron Davis), as well as other officials.  The BPOA will continue to meet with city officials until we some type of resolution to the matter.

At the direction of Mr. Davis, memorandum was prepared by our Administration that outlines the email auditing system.  The memorandum also attempts to explain what was done once the offensive emails were found (pursuant to the public records request) and what considerations were made with regard to discipline. While the memorandum provides some information, we still have questions regarding how the matter was addressed, and why it was not reported to the Office of Independent Review (OIR).

The Board has prepared a response to the Chief's memorandum that we have sent to the City Manager.  We are hoping to meet with the City Manager very soon to engage in further discussions regarding this issue.  Again, we are hopeful that our city officials will undertake their own independent review of  this matter, and ultimately take reasonable action to address our concerns and the concerns of our community.

We will keep you informed on the progress of our meetings as any further information develops.

As always, we encourage you to meet and discuss this and other BPOA related matters with your designated representatives.

Burbank Police Officers' Association Board of Directors
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