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As you know, our son sings at various venues throughout Los Angeles and Ventura Counties. He was contacted by the Jethawks organization, which is the minor league affiliate for the Houston Astro's Major League Baseball Organization located in Lancaster, California, asking him if he'd be willing to lend his talents towards providing charities with financial donations. Ricky will host the first "Rat Pack Ricky Day" on Tuesday August 30th beginning at 5:30 PM.

Ricky has selected two charities to receive half of every pre-sold $10.00 ticket be distributed to the Bob Hope USO and the Edward's Air Force Base Teen Center.

During our meet with leaders of the Bob Hope USO, we learned that they're now dealing with the highest numbers of spouses and dependents committing suicides since they began tracking this information. Two consecutive budgetary periods our government has cut our military's wellness budgets, which provides much needed activities for the spouses and the dependents while their loved ones are deployed. To add to this already precarious situation is that some of our military heroes are already on their FOURTEENTH deployments! That's right, FOURTEEN!! These families are unable to provide the activities that help alleviate the stress these families are facing.

We're asking each of you, who can afford it, to purchase ticket(s), even if you're unable to attend and donate them to your church, a local charity, or direct the tickets purchased back to Ricky who can distribute them to a local Veterans Home nearby that will allow them to attend the game.

Ricky will sing our Nations National Anthem and then provide entertainment throughout the game.

Finally, for additional information please refer to Ricky's website at and click on the top banner, which will take you to a link that provides detailed instructions regarding purchasing tickets. If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call at 818-317-7003 or email me at [email protected] and I'll get back with you.


Rick Medlin Sr.
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BPOA BOD Minutes July 19, 2016 - Posted