Burbank Police Officers' Association Statement Regarding L.A. Times Article

The Burbank Police Officers' Association released the following statement in response to today's L.A. Times article (Click here to read the L.A. Times Article):
The Burbank Police Officers' Association (BPOA) was made aware of several official emails that were obtained through a public records request.  The emails contain comments that are offensive to women, as well as various ethnic and religious groups.  The emails were sent from and/or to (then) Deputy Chief Tom Angel and at least one other member of the command staff, via the city email system.

Tom Angel was appointed to the position of Deputy Chief in 2010 to oversee reform within the Burbank Police Department. He was the second in command, appointed by and working under the supervision of Chief Scott LaChasse.  We would like to make it clear that Tom Angel has never been a member of the Burbank Police Officers' Association.  He worked as a member of the police administration, which is completely separate from the rank and file officers who serve our community. 

The Burbank Police Officers' Association is comprised of a diverse group of women and men from many ethnic and religious backgrounds.  We find it extremely offensive that a high ranking member of our organization was engaging in, what clearly appears to be, misconduct. There is no room for racism, or discrimination of any type within the ranks of our organization. We hope our city officials will hold the Chief of Police and his administration to the same level of accountability for their actions as they would our members. 

We would like to assure the community that the actions of Tom Angel do not reflect the beliefs or ideals of the members of the Burbank Police Officers' Association. 

Burbank Police Officers' Association Board of Directors,
on behalf of the entire BPOA
Board Statement to Members (with link to emails)
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