BPOA Member Update

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Dear Members:

We would like to thank you for your participation in the recent survey.  We are happy to announce that 87% of eligible BPOA Members completed the survey.  We are currently analyzing the results and will share the information with you in the near future.

We would like to commend our membership for their diligence and commitment to duty.  It goes without saying, but we (the BPOA Board of Directors) would like to remind everyone to be aware of, and to follow, our policies.  Policies are designed to provide rules/guidelines for everyone.  Unfortunately, we find that not everyone follows policy.  Please make sure you are conversant with all the policies, especially the critical ones.

As you may, or may not be aware, the BPOA Board recently made a public records request for the same documents  obtained by the Los Angeles Times.  We made the request for two simple reasons: to ensure we had independent verification regarding issues we were being asked to comment on, and to prove or dispel rumors that possible policy violations by at least one member of the Command Staff may have gone unaddressed.

We believe the information obtained through the CPRA is very important for us, as we know that our members have received discipline for policy violations.  As such, we would like to confirm or refute that similar violations have either been/not been appropriately addressed.  We are still verifying some of the most important information, and will most likely be asking for additional records in the near future.

All of the records we receive pursuant to the CPRA will be put into binders and placed in the BPOA Office.  Any member will be able to review the documents and we will also make copies of pertinent documents available for our members and their attorneys.  Some of these documents will be important for our members who have received discipline, and for members who may receive discipline in the future.

We were recently reminded regarding a training article that was first sent to us by former Deputy Chief Angel.  The article was titled "Hitler's Back Porch and the Problem of Ethics."  The article talks about double standards that exist between management and rank and file officers.  We felt the article was very ironic, and it's rediscovery was quite timely.  It can be found here: Hitler's Back Porch

As always, keep your heads up and continue to proudly serve and protect our community.

Burbank Police Officers' Association
Board of Directors