The email posted here was obtained as part of a public records request.  The context of the email is as follows:

There was a valid sergeant's list with at least three names still remaining on it.  Per the City's Civil Service rules, the Department was required to promote one of the top three members on the list.  The Department was not making the promotion.  The BPOA inquired with the Chief's Office about the lack of promotion off the list.  The Board was advised the Department was choosing not to make the promotion.  The Board knew this was against well-established rules.

The BPOA was forced to enlist the assistance of our attorney, who helped us craft a writ of mandate that was to be delivered to the Los Angeles Superior Court.  At the 11th hour, the City Manager (Mike Flad at the time) called a member of the Board and advised he had directed the Chief of Police to make the promotion off of the valid list.

It appears the email is communication between Chief LaChasse, then Deputy Chief Angel and Mike Flad a short time after the Chief was directed to follow the Civil Service Rules and promote off of the list.  

It is important to note that the BPOA was attempting only to represent the best interest of our members, and we were asking that the Chief follow the Civil Service rules.  The responses from the Chief and the Former Deputy Chief are very troubling.


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